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Apple Mac Repair

Computer Tech Support provides expert Apple Mac repairs in London, UK. As part of Apple Mac repair and support solutions in London UK, our knowledgeable and highly skilled hardware engineers and software technicians ensures high quality apple mac repair and iMac desktop support services. We have 10+ years experience in successfully delivering apple Mac Repairs in London and across the UK to individual customers and business clients. We can troubleshoot, diagnose and fix all apple laptops and desktop models including; MacBook air , MacBook pro, Mini, iMac, PowerBook, iBook, iPad, iPod, iPhone and other Mac Products.

Our Apple Mac Repair service is reliable,apple repairs London fast professional and cost effective. Call our customers service for all your Macintosh apple repair needs and see how we have been helping past and present esteemed customers with their Macintosh apple repair in the UK.

Apple Mac Repairs London, UK

Come join our happy apple mac repairs London residential customers, business clients and let us be your first and last stop for your repairs. What you get; a team of technicians and engineers who are highly knowledgeable with over 10 years of hands-on experience of servicing and supporting apple products for residential customers and businesses clients across London and surrounding areas; all our apple repairs in London are guaranteed and carried out by Apple Certified Technicians. We service macs to the highest standard from MacBook to iMac every month and all repairs include a free quote and health check.

Affordable London Apple Mac Repairs and replacement services.

Our london apple Mac repairs are designed to help you with all apple Mac problems, from basic repairs of your MacBooks,  iMac, Mac Mini, to complicated repairs such as keyboard liquid spill, macbook pro liquid spill and upgrade to OS X software installation at affordable rates.

Apple notebook repairs london

Is your notebook experiencing hardware problems such as Printer, Camera, FireWire or USB device not recognized or has login issues; Wireless keyboard not working and mouse problems; Bluetooth issues; Graphics card on internal and external displays issues; laptop not charging or operate from AC power; jumpy or erratic; memory error dialog box on the screen; flashing question mark on screen when you start your computer or CD or DVD drive not working? Call our technical team for a quick quote.

Our apple mac repairs in London include;

  • cracked or damaged screen, issues with video displays, logic board failure
  • keyboard liquid spill, keyboard replacement,
  • superDrive not working, broken laptop casing, noisy fan
  • solid state drive (SSD) upgrade, bad RAM slots issues, laptop freezes unexpected
  • graphics processor failure, distorted video display, scrambled video display
  • mac notebook overheating, won’t power on / won't turn on

As part of our London apple mac repairs, we also provide (PowerBook G4, iBook G4, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro), and iMac desktops (MacPro, mini and iMac)  repair services, we also offer free health check, diagnostic and support for all iPod, iPhone and iPad models.

For fast and expert Apple Mac repair services in and around London, call us, we can arrange for  pick up services for those who cannot bring their faulty laptop to our mac repair centre. For further information about our London Apple Mac repair and upgrade services call us on 020 8761 8211 or e-mail us at

Mac repair Centre

Apple Mac repair Centre for component level repair and upgrade.

At Computer Tech Support Apple Mac repair Centre, we have over 10 years of broad technical knowledge in fixing and upgrading all apple notebooks and iMac computers efficiently and promptly. Our repair Centre is manned by deeply experienced specialist engineers who can carry out component level repair and upgrade for your laptop as you wait. Time is vital to most apple notebook user, whether its an upgrade, or specialist data recovery, you can be rest assured that we will take care of your requirements. 

Mac Data Recovery Service

Professional Apple Mac upgrade, replacement and Data Recovery

Do you require quick and efficient data retrieval; Memory (RAM) upgrades to enhance the performance of your notebook? Computer Tech Support are experts in all upgrades including; Memory (RAM) upgrade and osx upgrades. We operate a NO FIX NO FEE Policy on data recovery including; hard drive replacement; hard drive recovery; and hard drive upgrade. Our data recovery services offer the latest technology and highest success rates for any type of data storage system.

Mac Support Services

Apple Mac Support Services for Business & Education. 

Our team of certified engineers provide Apple Mac Support Services in and around London for businesses. If you are a business using Apple Computers and don’t have in-house IT staff? We can help! Our support engineers have  technical knowledge, understand multiple platforms and devices utilised in the business environment. We take away the frustration of being caught unprepared when an issue occurs; we’re an addition to your team.